Convention for Secretaries, PA’s & Office Professionals
Qualification ID:12153 & 13934
Duration:90 Hours
NQF Level:4 & 3
NQF Credits9
Recognition of Prior LearningYes
Entry requirements:Communication NQF Level 2 & 3
Purpose:US: 12153
The purpose of the unit standard requires learners to follow a process in writing texts and reports required in business. It is intended to promote clear, unambiguous communication in plain language and to improve the quality of written reports and other texts that are specific to a business environment, require a particular
format and may include specified legislated requirements. The unit standard enables learners to recognise and effectively use textual conventions and features specific to business texts.

The qualifying learner is capable of:
• using textual features and conventions specific to texts
• identifying the intended audience for the communication
• identifying the purpose of a text
• selecting the appropriate text type, format and layout for the purpose
• organising and structuring a technical text appropriately
• using appropriate grammar conventions
• drafting and editing a technical text
• recognising errors and checking for accuracy
• presenting the same information in different ways
• using plain language in business

US: 13934
Learners will be learning towards obtaining a national qualification at level 3 or are working in an administrative environment, including SMME`s (Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises), where the acquisition
of competence against this standard will add value to the learner`s job, or chances of finding employment.

Learners will be well positioned to extend their learning and practice into other areas in the business environment, or to strive towards professional standards and practice at higher levels.

The qualifying learner is capable of:
• Demonstrating an understanding of the agenda of meetings
• Explaining the purpose and objective of minutes of meetings
• Taking minutes of meetings