A word from our CEO

Being a student my whole life, I have realized you are never too old or “overqualified” to educate yourself. I have never stop studying new subject matter as I am one of the firm believers that a person can change the world through education… quality education. There is no such thing as being overqualified. Not used to our fullest potential? Maybe, but you will never be overqualified! An educated community will reduce poverty, crime, unemployment, and all these bad things that we currently experience today in South Africa. Education increase life of all in general. Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Powerful words from Nelson Mandela. Words that we as a company believe in. In today’s technological advance society, it becomes easier to educate ourselves at the fraction of the cost than the past. It is just a matter of getting connecting with the right service provider that has the same vision as you. As the CEO of Scolastica South Africa (Pty) Ltd it is my mission and vision to ensure that we provide quality education to all South Africans. Ensuring the end result of creating an educated, productive society. Be a positive influence to change the current situation within our beautiful country, South Africa, moving forward, leaving a legacy for our children and their children.

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